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PETTIME Tofu & Corn Cat Litter

PETTIME Tofu & Corn Cat Litter

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1.5mm Premium Plant Based Litter: Stronger Performance Than 2mm or 3mm Litter, Outstanding Odor-eliminating, Fast and Firm Clumping, Low Dust. 

Outstanding Odor Control: Eliminate 96% of Ammonia.

100% Natural Plant Based: Raw Material of 79% Tofu and 20% Corn Starch for Tofu & Corn Mixed Litter; 99% Corn Starch for Corn Litter.

Eco-friendly and Biodegradable: Food S-Level Raw Material of Bean and Starch, Toilet Flushable. 

Formaldehyde Free and Antibacterial: Safe for Both Pet and Pet Lovers.

Main Ingredient: Pea Fiber, Millet Powder, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, PCMX, Guar Gum, Plant Enzymes, Soda Powder


After pouring cat litter, place in a ventilated, cool and dry area.

Be reminded that cat owners, especially pregnant women and immuno suppresed persons, cat feces can sometimes transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. Therefore, always remember to wash and sanitize hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. For further information, consult your doctor.

It may take time for cats to familiarize any new cat litter, you can fill cat litter with 1/4~1/2 new cat litter, then fill other area with your old cat litter. When you feel your cat has already accepted new cat litter, remove all old cat litter. Adaptation period could last 3~4 weeks on average.

Cat litter is flammable, keep away from fire.

You are strongly encouraged to clump as often as possible so any used cat litter is easily flushed to the toilet. If you dispose more than 2 clumps or a large amount all at once, it may clog.

If cat litter stays in litter box for a long time, odor absorption ability of cat litter will be weakened.

After scooping solid waste (used cat litter), refill tray with fresh cat litter as needed. To ensure a clean environment for cats, it is recommended to replace with fresh cat litter 2-3 times a month.

Storage Conditions: Keep it ventilated, cool and dry. If air leakage in any packaging happens, it should not compromise cat litter performance, otherwise contact us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

I absolutely love this litter and personally it’s a lot easier to clean up if the cats throw it on the floor. I like how it doesn’t clump in between my cats toes.


The BEST litter to have ever hit the market. We have been breeding cats for over 20 years and this is the ONLY litter we will ever use. Its odor control properties are amazing - low tracking and low dust make it our GO TO litter.

Make it yours too!

Angela Trevino
Love it

We bought 2 cases from the man at a catshow in our area and decided it was worth trying, I will never settle for less again I have 4 cats Tofu,Chicken,Soy Sauce and Fried rice and they are picky about litter, they took to it instantly and have even stopped going outside the box and making a mess. The only smell is the scented litter, any poop or pee smell is gone, it's easy scooping and pee clumps do flush just do it in small portions haha, I've never loves a litter more than this one well be buying again next month for sure. Thank you.

Gwen H.
PETTIME Tofu & Corn (Green Tea) AWESOME!!!

This is a high performance clumping cat litter that lives up to its advertising!! Very little tracking out of the box, tight clumps that do not fall apart and NO MORE cat urine odor. I have two cat litter boxes, one is in the master bathroom and there is NO MORE urine smell in the bathroom!! Minimal dust, as well, unlike clay based litters. And it is environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable! The product bag, however, has pluses and minuses. The bag is hard to open, but is easy to carry and filling the litter box using the handle built into the bag I will continue to buy this product as long as it is made!

Claire Nam
love the smell

Using Tofy&Corn cat litter now for a while, I love the smell, and my cats love it too. Only downside is I have Litter Robot and the crumbs are small enough, yet I'm still wasting a lot of litter