About Us

Like you, we are pet lovers.

Before we founded PETTIME, we knew how impossible it was to look for cool and really functional products for our (many) pets. We finally decided to partner with a manufacturer friend to customize what we wished we could really use (in this case, pet dryer). 

Fast forward, we met so many friends all these years, and they kept asking where we bought our pet products. In addition to our friends, we wanted to share this experience with all pet lovers out there. We started very small with an online platform on Amazon.com and a few partnerships with breeders and adoption centers.

Now PETTIME is a full-fledged pet care brand that offers a wide range of easy-to-use products including PETTIME plant based cat litter to help pet lovers take care of their pets. Our plant based cat litter is produced by our very own factories in China, that currently own the largest market share, 65%, in China. We also produce as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to other brands and retailers.

We are based in Las Vegas, NV.