PETTIME Pet Dryer Sphere - Expected Shipping in 30 days

PETTIME Pet Dryer Sphere - Expected Shipping in 30 days

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PETTIME Pet Dryer Sphere without WiFi (App Not Applicable)

Free Your Hands - Automatic Pets Fur Drying Sphere for Cats Dogs And Other Small / Medium Size Pets

*Safe and comfortable:360°three-dimensional wind full of negative ion,supply fresh and soft air,it’s safe and comfortable to dry the pet’s hair.

*Efficent drying and disinfection : powerful and fast drying by efficiency tube fan, dries and grooms your pet s’ fur while sanitizing it. The advanced technology eliminates any static electricity and odors,makes hair fluffy and beautiful.

*Easy to use and control: Set drying time, temperature, and wind speed right from the display panel at the top. 

*Easy to clean:Hair collection system makes the clean easy. *Durable and portable: The durable plastic build guarantees waterproof, long-lasting operation.Lightweight design makes it easy to move to anywhere of your house.

*It's suitable to cats,small size dogs,rabbits,fox and other small animals.

*Great for noise-sensitive pets, this globe dryer has significantly reduced wind noise.

*Use comb to during the process can help to dry your pet much faster.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brandon Poythress ( Customer)
Perfect for long hair cats & saves from scratches

My wife is very happy with this dryer. We have 5 cats in total, with 4 Persians. This saves the hassle of tussling with a blow dryer and being scratched up. It does take around 55 minutes on medium, to high, to dry. The only notable downside, is the rear feet and cats backend, tend not to dry as well. She opens the dryer, occasionally, and fluffs out their bottoms, so the dryer can dry the rear. This round dryer, fits the room decor, so much better than that box one.

My only recommendation, is to add a storage area in the back, for the power cord to be stored away when unused. Cats tend to chew on cords and we do see bite marks on it.

Gary Doyle ( Customer)
Trust it! Love it!

Took a long time to come In and the vendor gave me a $50 credit. I bathe my cats every other week and it just saved me 3 hours of drying!

Much cooler than my hairdryer and more effective. I have a dyson so that’s saying something. So worth the $700 and the wait!

Theresa Vogel ( Customer)
It has a cleaning mode to Disaffect it

It is quiet I put 4 kittens in at a the it like 80 Degrees with a light air blowing and a light on so it like sitting in the sun with a breeze on you after I drying I open it let it run with the door open and two kitten stay in it. I also dried two cats at 1 time

Kunappe ( Customer)
My dog has his space ship.

My Pomeranian seems to feel very comfortable from the beginning. The wind was adequate and the temp was right for my puppy. Happy purchase for my family.