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PET Marvel

Pet Marvel - Vacuum Sealed Food Container for Pet

Pet Marvel - Vacuum Sealed Food Container for Pet

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Airtight Food Storage Container, pet food vacuum sealed canister, moisture-proof, mold-proof, freshness keeper, IF award winner food container for dogs and cats.

Pet Marvel’s vacuum sealed container is an innovative pet food storage canister, ensuring food freshness while avoiding moisture, humidity, and pests. Made of food grade material, particularly easy to operate by one button panel and a capacity of 17pounds of food. Ideal for dog or cat food storage.


Color: White
Barrel Capacity(Max Line):3.43Gallon
Weight: 5.3lbs
Dimension:12.2 X 10.24 X 11.81 inches
Material: Melamine, Abs, PU
Food:Dry food and packaging food only
Charging Port: Type-C

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