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PET Marvel

Pet Marvel - Pet Dryer Cube

Pet Marvel - Pet Dryer Cube

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The most secure automatic grooming pet dryer, pet drying box for cats and small dogs from Pet Marvel.

Drying your pet after a bath is sometimes a nightmare for pet parents. With Pet Marvel's dryer cube, drying them off becomes manageable work. The dryer steadily works at 101°F along with 360° air blowing. Different modes are provided for cats and dogs with either long or short hair. To ensure your pet’s safety, it is equipped with overheat protection which automatically ceases working once any abnormality is detected.


Name: Smart Cat Dryer
Color: White
Materials: ABS + PP
Net weight: 18.7lbs
Dimension:19.6 X 17.3 X 18.5 inches
Power Voltage:110V-120V~/ 50HZ-60HZ(USA)
Power Rating: 750W
Product Capacity: 60L
Recommended Size: Cats and dos under 20lbs

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