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PET Marvel

Pet Marvel - Automatic Cat Litter Cube

Pet Marvel - Automatic Cat Litter Cube

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Pet Marvel's self-cleaning automatic litter box for cats with the highest safety and a Wi-Fi enabled smart application.

With Pet Marvel's litter cube, taking care of your pet won't be a hassle, and you'll save time on litter removal, bin clean-up and odor control.  The app enables you to set cycles, start or stop remotely, and receive notifications of your pet's activity from any location any time. The top space has a flat design which can improve the space efficiency by placing a comfy cat bed or a gorgeous bouquet.


Color: White
Drawer Capacity: 8L
Max Cat Litter Capacity:4.3L
Materials: ABS + PP
Net weight: 32lbs
Dimension:20.47 X 21.26 X 26.77 inches
Power Voltage:12 Volt DC
Power Rating: 15W
Noise: <50dBA

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