PETTIME Pet Dryer Box Pro - Commercial Dryer

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Type: Dryer

Commercial Level Drying Effect! Best Price in America, Canada and Mexico!

PETTIME Pet Dryer Box Pro sets inside and duel circulation simulation of natural wind to provide pets with the comfortable, safe, and fast-drying process. Dry a kitty or small size dog from 30 mins - 45 mins.

Feature highlights:

  • Dual settings for safety. Airing at a temperature closer to the pet body ,safely drying without burn concern. 
  • Soft sound and smell free via built-in O3 deodorizer module
  • Water drip tray for easy cleaning
  • 3 gears wind speed and 15 seconds step heating feature
  • Natural wind simulation, negative ion 80% internal + 20% external in and out dual circulation. 21% oxygen content to help relieve pet anxiety

Strict temperature control: Smart drying at pet body temperature – a constant 101.3°F (38.5°C). Normal cats body temperature range is between 100.5°F (38.1°C) to 102.5°F (39.2°C).  Normal dogs body temperature range is between 101°F (38.3°C) to 102.5°F (39.2°C). Simple button with lighting and safety features (built-in overheat alarm) which takes an auto power cut when the inside is over 107.6°F (42℃).



Color: White

Size: 502 x 442 x 467 mm

Capacity: 60L

Pet size: Under 19 lbs (9 kg)

Current and voltage: US standard

Sound: <50dB

 Co-branded with Pet Marvel